How do I know if my medication is in stock at my chosen pharmacy?

Picking up your medication has become so much easier than in the past. Today you don’t even need to go to the pharmacy at all. You can switch from paper prescriptions to electronic ones and then have your local high street pharmacy, or even a digital-only pharmacy, fulfil your prescription. This means you can now […]

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When does my prescription expire?

Having to keep track of which prescriptions need refills and when they expire can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re juggling multiple medications or have a busy life. Are you ever unsure as to when your prescription medication is no longer valid? Have you ever had difficulty understanding how long a particular medicine will […]

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How to get a prescription fulfilled in a different city?

Many people have been in situations where they need to get a prescription filled in a different city. It can be inconvenient, especially if you are traveling or living away from home and don’t have access to your usual doctor or pharmacist. Yet, what do you do when an urgent situation arises? Well, don’t worry […]

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Can I get a medical note to prove an existing medical condition?

If you are living with an existing medical condition, you may be wondering if you can get a medical note from your GP or another healthcare professional.  Whether you need medical evidence to give to your employer, to receive state benefits, or for any other reason, read on to find out everything you need to […]

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How to find my GP’s registered address?

Do you need to know your GP’s registered address?  Perhaps you have just moved home and need to register with a new GP, or you need my GP practice address for your child’s new school? Either way, the below blog will tell you exactly what you need to do to find your GP’s registered address. […]

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Mindful breathing for students

Top 6 benefits of mindful breathing for students

Are you a stressed-out student?  Perhaps you are suffering from one of the many anxiety disorders that are becoming all too prevalent in young people.  Whatever it is that is preventing you from carrying out your studies and enjoying your time as a student, mindful breathing can help you to get your mental health back […]

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Normal blood pressure

What is the normal blood pressure?

Are you worried about high blood pressure?  In the UK, an estimated 1 in 3 people suffer from high blood pressure, a health problem that increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Often referred to as a “silent killer,” developing high blood pressure can happen to anyone but is a lot more common in […]

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Student mental health day

Can students take mental health days?

More people are seeking out therapy and mental health services than ever before, contributing to a mental health crisis. This doesn’t mean people should stop seeking these life-changing treatments, but instead that healthcare providers need to step up. A better approach towards living that puts mental health and physical health on par is essential to […]

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Heart attack

What are the signs of a heart attack and how to prevent it?

Heart attacks can occur in men and women of any age, though some risk factors may make cardiac arrest more likely in some than others. These risk factors or warning signs include fitness level, genetics, diet, and more. While you can survive a cardiac arrest, you must call 999 as soon as possible to get […]

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