Coronavirus Testing

Minimise the spread of COVID-19 today by ordering a Coronavirus testing kit as soon as you experience symptoms. Persistent coughing, an increase in temperature and headaches are just some of the signs that you may have COVID-19 - even for those who are vaccinated. Order a kit to your home today and keep yourself and others safe.

*To register you will need to switch from your current GP practice. Once an application is made, a registration period will apply before you are able to access the service. Available for people living or working within the catchment area of one of our clinic locations.

Get NHS Coronavirus Help Online

If you’re concerned about COVID-19 and would like professional advice, use our online Coronavirus testing portal today. At NHS GP, you can access expert help via our four surgeries across North West London in Wembley, Alperton, Willesden and Queen’s Park. Take care of your health today and utilise the NHS coronavirus help that’s available.

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Stay safe with NHS Coronavirus help

If you’re worried about COVID-19, think you may have the disease or need advice about how to get tested, register with us today and we can provide you with a range of useful services.

Don’t take the risk when it comes to the Coronavirus disease. Our professional team are on hand to provide COVID-19 advice if you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. We can also supply you with coronavirus home testing kits so you can be sure whether you have COVID-19 as well as a cough online consultation to help you determine whether your cough is anything to be worried about.

When registering with us, you have access to four surgeries across North West London in Wembley, Alperton, Willesden and Queen’s Park. Register today for NHS coronavirus testing and much more.

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