Can Your GP Admit You to Hospital?

Are you planning to go to hospital? While it’s not something that anyone looks forward to, it is sometimes a necessity. Yet, if you have never been through the process of a hospital admission before, or it has been a while since you last spent time in a hospital, you might be wondering how the process works. This includes wondering if your GP is able to admit you into the hospital. Let’s answer that question for you. 


Can Your GP Admit You to Hospital?

In short, yes, your GP is able to admit you to hospital. In fact, GP approval is often recommended if you are planning a stay in hospital. Whether it is from the doctor at your GP surgery, even if you use a service like NHS GP or another health specialist, they can arrange your hospital stay. That includes booking your appointment and getting an admission letter sent your way. 

This admission letter is important for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it supplies you with specific instructions to follow – including the date and time, details about what department to visit, and information about how to prepare for your stay – that helps to clear up any possible confusion. 

However, GP approval or consultation is unnecessary for hospital admission. There are certain situations where this is bypassed entirely.  


Being Admitted to Hospital Without GP Approval

A consultant-led hospital admission is arguably the most beneficial. This helps to reduce waiting time as you have a scheduled time and date for your hospital visit. Yet sometimes, it’s not possible to have the luxury of forward planning. 

For example, you may be unable to go to the GP beforehand if you are suffering from an emergency health predicament. If you suddenly become unwell, an ambulance could be called to take you directly to the hospital for treatment. 

Sometimes assistance isn’t required. You might decide to admit yourself to a hospital if you feel ill or are seriously injured. This is typically the case if you feel it’s an issue that cannot wait and requires urgent attention from a medical professional. 

Another scenario is if a person is admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act. Understandably, when this action is taken, it doesn’t require GP approval beforehand. 


Preparing for Your Hospital Visit

Depending on whether you have completed a pre-admission assessment, or if certain details are provided in your admission letter, specific advice such as not eating over a specific period, may have to be followed. There are other tips to keep in mind. This includes bringing some money to purchase snacks or drinks and any personal details changes – like a new GP, for instance. 

Once you have arrived, you will have to meet with hospital staff and complete an admission form. This includes supplying  your personal details and those of your emergency contact.

If you need any further clarification, feel free to contact us. We will be able to answer any questions you might have about hospital admissions, the role a GP can play, and more. 

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