Four Healthcare Services You May Need as a Student

Starting university is a big step so ensuring that your physical and mental health is being cared for is essential. As a student, there are a range of healthcare services available through the NHS, so you can receive the advice and treatment you need while living away from home.

Here are four healthcare services you may need as a student.

Mental health support

There’s no doubt that your university journey can be challenging. From living independently to ongoing stress and more, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Seeking wellbeing services such as counselling is a great way of managing your mental health safely. Your GP can provide practical advice as well as refer you to appropriate services.

Sexual health services

University is a time for growth and part of that often includes exploring sexuality and relationships. According to the 2018 Let’s Talk about Sex’ survey conducted by the University of Bristol, 36% of students had never had sex when they started university. Whether you need advice about contraception, pregnancy, getting tested or more, you can access free support via the NHS.

Online consultations

Do you need to book a doctors appointment but have been avoiding it? Focusing on your studies and university life often means that your health gets put on the backfoot. However, online GP services include online consultations and bookings, so you can speak to a clinician quickly and easily.


If you’re going away to university, it may be good to think about vaccinations as you will be mixing with many new people on campus. The MenACWY vaccine protects against 4 different causes of meningitis and septicaemia – your GP can provide this before your academic year. Most universities also recommended having the MMR vaccine as well as the flu jab particularly if you have asthma or long-term health conditions.

The NHS GP student health service is here to help you. Register today and gain access to our online services as well as our four clinics in Wembley, Alperton, Willesden and Queen’s Park. Don’t keep your health concerns to yourself, our medical professionals are available for both physical and mental services as well as general advice for students. Sign up today.

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