Can I get a medical note to prove an existing medical condition?

If you are living with an existing medical condition, you may be wondering if you can get a medical note from your GP or another healthcare professional

Whether you need medical evidence to give to your employer, to receive state benefits, or for any other reason, read on to find out everything you need to know about medical notes to prove an existing medical condition and where you can get them from. 


What is a medical note? 


A medical note, sometimes referred to as a statement of fitness for work, is a type of certificate that is a written statement from a medically qualified healthcare provider. It can serve as either a sick note or evidence of a medical condition. 

If you are off sick from work for less than seven days, you do not need to get a fit note from your healthcare provider or doctor. All you need to do is tell your employer that you are not fit for work. This is known as self-certification. 

If you are off work sick for more than seven calendar days, then you need to get a fit note from a registered healthcare professional.


Can I get a medical note from my GP? 


Yes, you can get a medical note from your local GP for most pre-existing medical conditions. You can request a medical note by either making an appointment with your doctor in person or via a digital appointment. Once this has been carried out, you will be issued with a proof of your medical condition note that can be given to your employer or another party. 

If you would like more information on how to get a medical note from your GP, please Contact Us here. 


Can I get a medical note without seeing my GP? 


A medical note or fit note must be issued by a healthcare professional. This could be your NHS GP at hand, a nurse, a pharmacist, an occupational therapist, or a physiotherapist. 

However, it is worth noting that you do not always need to see one of the above healthcare professionals in person. Depending on the nature of your existing health condition, you may be able to have a medical note issued online. 


What is an NHS fit note? 


If you need a fit note from the NHS, your best course of action is to contact the healthcare professional who is treating you. They will be able to carry out an assessment and decide if your existing medical condition affects your ability to work. 

Depending on their assessment, you may be issued a medical note that deems you are “not fit for work” or one that states you “may be fit for work taking into account the following advice.” 


Do I have to pay for a medical note for an existing medical condition? 


You should never have to pay for a healthcare professional to issue a fit note or to provide medical statements for you to give to your employer if you are off sick for more than seven days. This means that for long-term existing medical conditions, you should not be required to pay for a medical note. 

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