How Can I See My Medical Records?

Do you want to view your medical records? You might wish to do so for any number of reasons. That doesn’t truly matter, though – you have the legal right to access your medical record and information at any time, and you don’t need to present a reason for this.


When Might You Need To See Your Medical Records?

Seeing your medical records means you feel more in control of yourself and your overall health. You can look back and see every ailment you have had and any prescriptions you may have taken over the years. You’ll also be able to see which vaccinations you have been given. 

If you’re experiencing a medical issue, looking at your medical history may help you understand it better. Or, you may be completely healthy but would like to see your health record simply because you’re curious and want to know as much about your health as possible. All are valid reasons.


What Does a Medical Record Show?

Your medical record will show things like prescriptions given, vaccinations, allergies, test results, GP notes, conditions, and hospital letters.  


How To See Your Medical Records

There are several ways to access your medical records: through the NHS app, online, or by requesting your medical records in writing. Generally, accessing them through the NHS app is the easiest way to get a copy of your health record, but you can still use the other methods. 


Through the NHS App

To access your medical record through the NHS app, download the free NHS app and connect it to your GP surgery. Once you do this, you’ll be able to easily find your record on the app, which will show you things like test results and hospital letters. 



You can also find your health record by logging into the NHS website online if you are over 16. You’ll need an account to do this and to prove your identity. If you’re unsure about setting this up or don’t know your login details, speak to your GP. 


Getting a Written Copy

To request your health record in writing, you’ll need to write a formal letter or email to your GP with the request. This may be useful if you’re not used to online technology, don’t have internet access, or simply prefer hard records. Your NHS GP should respond to your request promptly, but they may ask more questions, such as exactly what information you’re looking for. 


Can You Access Someone Else’s Medical Records?

There may be some instances in which you need to access the health records of a family member in order to make health care decisions. For example, parents or guardians may need access to their child’s health record, or an adult may wish to access their elderly parent’s health information to help find them care. In some cases, a medical power of attorney may need to access them for their client. 


Your Health Records Are Yours

Accessing your health records shouldn’t be difficult – you have the legal right to access them at any time. If you’re struggling with gaining access to your records or want to sign up for online services, contact us today. We are happy to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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