How long does the NHS registration process take?

It’s easier than ever before to register with the NHS and your local GP. Not only are there many local healthcare centres around the country, but you can now take advantage of telehealth and video appointments to get on-demand access to healthcare services no matter where you’re located. This has made it infinitely easier to many (particularly those in rural areas) to get the healthcare that they need.

Before you can gain access to any GP, including us here at NHS GP, however, you will need to register.


Registering With NHS GP Pathfinder Clinics


If you would like to register with one of our practices to access the full range of in-person and online healthcare servcies we offer, you can register online 24/7 here.

We offer online and phone appointments and prescription services to patients living anywhere in the UK, though please note if you do not live close to one of our GP practices and require a face-to-face appointment, it may not be as accessible for you.


What Information Do You Need to Register With a GP?


Registering is easy, and you can even contact us if you need help with the registration process. The form itself shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes and can be completed either on paper when you visit your GP in person or through the digital form if you sign up online.

To register with a GP, you’ll need an email address and details of your previous GP. If this is your first time, then you’ll need to go in person to fill out the GMS1 form. You won’t need to prove your address or immigration status, show a photo ID or have an NHS number (though this is helpful if you have it!) when you sign up, but you may need to provide some of this information later.

For example, though you can sign up without proof of address, you’ll need to send that information in later to get your account activated. This can be a utility bill or bank statement and should be recent and have been sent to you within the last three months. If you don’t have an address, you can still sign up as long as you have a rough sleeper’s identity badge or, alternatively, use a hostel or accommodation registration. This way, even if you’re homeless, you will still have access to healthcare.


Where Can You Register?


While we accept patients from across the UK, with other GPs, in most cases, you can only register with GPs in your catchment areas. This means that anyone can register with us, but if you wish to register with another GP, that is local to you, you will need to live within a certain distance from that GP practice. The size of the catchment will depend on where you’re located. Those in rural areas will have a larger catchment area than those in London, for example.


Can I Register as a Student? 


Yes, you should immediately sign up with a GP, even if you’re a temporary resident. The health surcharge covers access to the NHS, giving you unrestricted access to your GP and medical costs. Keep in mind that you medical records will be transferred to your new GP when you register so that your new healthcare providers can catch up with your health and care.


How Long Will It Take?


The form itself takes minutes, and with our practices, we then have you registered in two days on average. For other GPs, it can take upwards of two weeks for your information to be inputted and activated in the system. If you need access to your GP before that time, you can go to a walk-in centre for everyday issues or the A&E for emergencies.


Sign Up With Us Today


Don’t spend another second without a quality GP at hand, and sign up with us today. Not only can you get quality in-person care, but we also offer video appointments to help you work your healthcare around your schedule. 

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