How to Apply for HRT Prepayment Certificate

Many women in the UK who have reached menopause age may be prescribed hormone replacement therapies or HRT. This is often to prevent the health issues that can occur in women of a certain age, such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and forgetfulness. 

In the UK, the NHS offers a prepayment certificate to women who are taking HRT, and here, you will be walked through how to apply for such a certificate, how to renew it, and which medications it is suited for. 


Applying for an Hrt Prepayment Certificate

Is there any difference between how to apply for an HRT prepayment certificate and a standard pre-payment certificate?

In order to get an NHS HRT prepayment certificate, you need to have been prescribed hormone replacement therapy by an NHS GP. Ideally, this HRT prescription will be needed at least three times in 12 months, so, opting to apply for HRT PPC will help you save on prescriptions costs. 

You can apply for a hormone replacement prescription online, via the NHS app, or in-person at selected pharmacies. A hormone replacement therapy prepayment certificate covers an unlimited number of certain HRT medications for 12 months, irrespective of how many times they are needed or why they are required.


Cost Benefits of Using an HRT Prepayment Certificate

You may be wondering about the cost benefits of applying for an HRT certificate. After all, how much is it to pay for HRT alone, and how much is a prescription for HRT medication?

It is no higher than standard medications. When it comes to NHS prescription costs, the stand-alone fee for one medication is £9.65, as it would be if you were prescribed a single HRT medication per month. However, if you opt to purchase a HRT prepayment certificate, you will pay a one-off payment of £19.30. That covers an entire year of HRT medication, leading to significant savings

So, start your HRT PPC application today! If you have any issues with the application form, contact us here for assistance or more information.


Medications Covered by HRT Certificates

At the time of writing, an HRT PPC covers over 40 different HRT medications, which can be prescribed in gel, pessary, patches, and tablet form. 

Some of the medications that the HRT PPC covers include Estradiol, Estriol, Elleste Duet, Estring, and Evorel. If you aren’t sure if a HRT PPC certificate covers the medication your doctor has prescribed, then please enquire with your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.


Rules About HRT PPC’s

You will need to ensure that you update your HRT PPC every 12 months, or you may be claiming with the certificate without it being valid. This may lead to a fine.

If your situation changes in relation to your need for HRT medication, you cannot get a refund for the money spent on the HRT PPC. You will also need to make sure that your address and the name on the HRT PPC are valid and up to date, or you may also face a fine.


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