How to Prepare for Your Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

Telehealth appointments have made it much simpler to see a doctor, but if you’re not used to talking on video, you may find the process awkward. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to prepare ahead of time. Before your appointment, you should do the following:

Take Notes

The first thing you should do before your visit is make note of what you will need to share. Make a list of symptoms you have and any questions you may want to ask. It’s helpful to keep track of things like how long you’ve had the symptoms and what intensity they are.

Get Your Medications

Have your medications on hand so you can tell the doctor what you are currently taking. It’s helpful to have everything in front of you so you can easily read off the labels, rather than relying on memory.

Weigh Yourself

It’s a good idea to take down your weight if you have a scale in the house. This is something the doctor would usually check at the office and you can provide the necessary information if they need it. You may not be asked, but it’s helpful to have the weight should you be asked.

Check Your Temperature

If you have a fever or are experiencing any symptoms where you feel ill, you should check your temperature just before the appointment. It’s a good idea to keep the thermometer near you so you can retake the temperature if requested.

Read Your Emails

You will likely receive an email that has instructions on how to get on the video call. It may include a form to fill out or this may be on the website. Either way, you’ll need to follow all the directions to ensure the visit is a success.

Select a Quiet Area

Choose a space where you won’t be distracted and where there is little or no background noise. It can be difficult to hear the doctor if there is too much noise around you and vice versa. Keep it quiet and calm to ensure you are able to understand everything.

Test Your Equipment

You should be sure your camera is working and that you have good lighting wherever you plan to take the call. Most telehealth calls use video, so you will need to have a camera on the device you plan to use. It should be functional, and you will want to test your audio, too.

A video doctor’s appointment is rather simple and usually will go smoothly. Prepare ahead of time and you’ll find that it’s much easier.

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