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You should register in the area that you live.  If you are in Halls of Residences, you can click here to register with a doctor online.

It is very important that you register with a local doctor while you are at university. Do not wait until you are ill to do this!

You may register with any doctor in the area, usually the surgery nearest to where you live. There is no charge for overseas students to register with the National Health Service (NHS).
NHS Health surcharge

The Health surcharge introduced from 6th April 2015, will apply to all new applicants from overseas and applicants in the UK who are extending their visa.  The cost for each year of study will be £300 per year (depending on your duration of stay) and dependants will be charged the same amount as the main applicant. It will give you access to the NHS on the same terms as permanent UK residents.   The health surcharge will be paid by non EEA nationals who come to the UK to study, work or join Family.  This will not apply to Nationals from Australia or New Zealand because of reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the UK.  You must apply and make payment for the surcharge before you make your visa application.
Register with a GP

It is important that you register with a GP as soon as possible when you join Middlesex if you are living away from your home GP. This means that you will be able to access healthcare quickly should you become unwell at your time at university. For anything else that you are unsure of, you can contact wellbeing@mdx.ac.uk

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