Online NHS Dermatology

We are really proud to have set up our free Online Dermatology Serivce for our registered patients.

We are also very lucky to be working with a local legand Dermatology Specialist, Dr Shazia Siddiqi.

The service is very simple, just go to and click on upload a photo of your rash for our Online NHS Dermatologist to examin and call you back about.

Our free Dermatology page is also rich in resources for patients who want to understand more about thier moles, or rashes on children.

The best thing about this NHS serivce, is that it is free for our registered patients.

Our highest users of the Online Dermatology Service have been our university students and the number one request for help and been Acne.

Dr Shazia Siddiqi’s Online Dermatology Clinics run every day, and operate across all 4 of our North West London locations.

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