How To Get a Repeat Prescription?

Need a repeat prescription but are not sure how to get one? Find out everything there is to know about how and where to get a repeat prescription in the UK. Plus, discover what to do if you lose your repeat prescription. 


How To Get a Repeat Prescription Without Going to the Doctor

You can get a repeat prescription without going to the doctor. There are several ways that you can request a repeat prescription without having to go to your GP surgery in person, including: 


  • Order via the NHS App

One of the simplest ways to request repeat medications is via the NHS app or the NHS website. If you do not have an NHS account, you can easily create one via the website. 

If you are asked to nominate a pharmacy, you must choose a high street one. Select continue on this, and it should process the order. When ready, you can collect your prescription in person, or some pharmacies may offer a delivery service. 


  • Order via Other Online Services

If you do not want to use the NHS app, there are other online services and apps that you can use to place your repeat prescription orders. These services can be linked to your NHS GP so that any repeat prescriptions will be automatically highlighted on your account and so that they can check your GP medical record

It is worth noting that some of these services are free of charge, whereas others will charge to deliver your medication directly to your door. 


Can a Chemist Give You a Repeat Prescription?

Yes, you can get a repeat prescription directly from a chemist. As long as the medication in question has already been approved by a doctor, you can simply choose a pharmacy and collect your medication as and when you need it. 

Depending on the medication you take, you may be required to go to your doctor’s office for check-ups to see how you are responding to the treatment and to check that it is not interfering with any other medication you are taking. If you are taking the oral contraceptive pill, you will need to give a blood pressure reading once every 6 months. 


How Long Does It Take To Get a Repeat Prescription?

It usually takes around 2 working days for a repeat prescription request to be processed by your GP surgery, as each prescription needs to be approved by a doctor. Once a prescription has been authorised, it is then sent to the pharmacy to be dispensed. Depending on whether or not they have the medication in stock, this can take between 2-5 days. 

If you require a repeat prescription urgently, visit our contact us page, so our team can help you through the process. We may be able to fast-track the process. 


Are Repeat Prescriptions Free?

If you are entitled to free prescriptions, then you do not have to pay for a repeat prescription. In the UK, contraceptives such as birth control pills are free of charge on the NHS to people of all ages. 

If you are not entitled to free prescriptions, then you will have to pay the £9.65 prescription charge. However, if you require frequent prescriptions regularly, it may work out cheaper for you to purchase a prescription payment certificate (PPC). 


What Do I Do if I Lose My Repeat Prescription?

As most GP surgeries now issue electronic prescriptions, you do not need to worry about your repeat prescription getting lost. However, if you have been issued paper prescriptions from your GP and they become lost, your local surgery should be able to print you out a new copy. 

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