Do Hospitals Have Access to GP Records?

Some people don’t like their medical records being shared. They contain personal details including information about their physical or mental health, and they may like the thought of this being accessed by other people. If this describes you, then you might be wondering if your GP records are accessible to other healthcare professionals. 

If you are concerned that hospitals and other healthcare professionals can access your GP medical record, there’s no need to worry. These health records are not available for others to view. 

Of course, medical professionals may need to know key information pertaining to your health. This is available to them through a “summary care record”. This care record, produced by your GP practice automatically from the start of your first visit, gives a brief overview of key health details. This can assist a hospital with administering the right care and medicine if you’re admitted. 


What Data Is Recorded as Part of a GP Record?

You might be curious about what your GP record includes. This record covers details such as your test results, vaccines, and medicines. Furthermore, it will cover communications from your GP between other services. This can include hospital discharge summaries and referral letters. 


Accessing Your GP Records

If you would like to take a look at your GP records, it is possible to view a summary of this online through the official NHS app. This NHS digital approach is the easiest way to gain access, although there are other methods available. 

One is to ask your GP directly. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via a video consultation if you are with NHS GP. You will need to request information about which your GP uses an online service provider. Note that this information could be available on the website of your GP surgery. Then it’s a case of telling them you would like to sign up for their online services, completing the registration, and gaining access to your details. 

You can also, in writing, formally request these medical records. This might be your option if you don’t want to use online services and want physical copies of your records.  

Regardless of which option you choose, General Data Protection Regulation ensures you don’t have to pay a penny to access your medical records. 


GP Records for Someone That’s Deceased.

What if you’re not accessing your own GP records, but those recorded for someone who has died? NHS England passes the records for the deceased to Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

If you are allowed to access these files – say you are the deceased’s executor of their estate – you will have to first get in touch with the deceased’s last registered GP. They will be able to help with gaining approved requests from the PCSE for records of the deceased. 

If you would like any further information about GP records, who has access to them, and more, feel free to contact us


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