How to get a prescription fulfilled in a different city?

Many people have been in situations where they need to get a prescription filled in a different city. It can be inconvenient, especially if you are traveling or living away from home and don’t have access to your usual doctor or pharmacist. Yet, what do you do when an urgent situation arises? Well, don’t worry – there is a way to ensure you can still get your medication. Here, we will explain exactly how to find and fulfil an out-of-town prescription so that you can stay healthy while on the go. The question of how to get a prescription fulfilled in a different city will be super simple after reading this.


Different ways to get a prescription fulfilled in a different city


There are lots of different ways to get your prescription filled in a different city. Now that you can find a pharmacy on practically every street, it is easier than ever for a doctor or healthcare professional to fill a prescription and send it away, thanks to electronic prescriptions. This is when a doctor or pharmacy sends the prescription electronically to another pharmacy. 

Plus, with the prescription collection, you can even pick up the medication in another city or town and have someone do it for you. You will need your contact information, the doctor’s or pharmacist’s name, and a valid prescription. You can also get your medication from an online pharmacy. They can then transfer your prescription so that you can get the medication from any pharmacy.

To do this, you can nominate a different pharmacy where you would like your medication dispensed. You will be given a paper copy in England to take to any pharmacy in the country. It will include a unique barcode that will allow the pharmacist to scan the prescription and download it from the NHS database. Of course, aspects like any health insurance plans also need to be considered, as these can factor into private prescription prices if applicable.


Getting a new prescription when in another city


This is a bit more complicated than the other methods, but it is still possible. If you need to get a new prescription when you’re out of town, then you can see a GP online who can then prescribe you medication, much like your regular doctor in your home town would. 

If you need this service, you can contact us right here at NHS GP. We offer a service allowing you to see a GP over the internet who can prescribe medication or help facilitate a new or repeat prescription. This is a similar service to regular in-person doctors. However, we’re can speak to you on a video call or phone call instead and can offer appointments at a time that suits you. This option makes it more convenient for people who can’t see their GP at their local practice, such as those who are out of town in another city. That way, you can then get a prescription wherever you are and have your medication sent to a local pharmacy that is convenient for you.


Getting a repeat prescription when in another city


For repeat prescription medications, you can request a prescription transfer. The difference between getting a repeat prescription whilst away in another city and getting a new prescription when out of town is that with a repeat prescription, you don’t need to contact a local GP. 

Instead, you can use your existing doctor or the NHS GP website to transfer your existing repeat prescriptions to another pharmacy. You will need to provide the full details of the new pharmacy, such as its name and address. Then, they can access your medical records and send the prescription to them.




Getting a prescription filled in a different city is easier than you think. Many options are available, whether getting an electronic prescription or even seeing a GP over the internet for a new or repeat prescription when you’re away from home. Whatever your situation, there is a way to ensure you get your medication and stay healthy while away. 

So don’t worry – with the proper knowledge and preparation, filling a prescription in another city is easy. Have any questions or concerns? Contact us today to get all your pressing questions answered.

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